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To Market, To Market

Licensors, brand owners, and retailers are starting to view online marketplaces as viable partners for a variety of collaborative ventures. In these digital “malls,” vendors small and large operate independent boutiques side by side, creating a one-stop destination for the buyers and attracting higher traffic for the sellers. The configurations of marketers’ relationships with these […]

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From Recommendations to Retail

Digital-native lifestyle content platforms for millennial women are powerful influencers of consumer behavior, through trend coverage and especially product recommendations on their web and social channels. They are also cultivating their own presence in the world of licensing, collaboration, and brand extension, as illustrated by a raft of recent deals: Glossier, a beauty brand that […]

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Data-Driven Decision-Making

Licensing has become more data-driven over time, as the tools used to analyze sales and other information at a granular level improve, giving licensors and licensees insights into what is working and not working and enhancing the ability to tweak strategies quickly. Licensing executives have also increasingly been enhancing sales history with other more forward-looking […]

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