Raugust Communications provides accurate, timely information and data about the trends and issues facing global property owners, manufacturers, retailers, and others involved in the business of licensing. Karen Raugust, who has covered the licensing business since 1990, authors the publications, which focus on how-to topics, market research, and trend information.

Raugust Communications’ mission is to:

  • fill gaps in the market for licensing information by addressing topics not adequately covered by other resources
  • provide information that is accessible to everyone in licensing, from beginner to expert and from the smallest entrepreneur to the biggest corporation
  • offer context and meaning by finding the connections between all of the individual news announcements appearing in licensing executives’ in-boxes every day
  • identify the trends that will affect, disrupt, and transform the licensing business in the months and years ahead

Our licensing publications and services include:

RaugustReports: The Licensing Trends You Need to Know

Karen Raugust discovers and reports on trends as they emerge, connecting the dots, spurring ideas, and helping the licensing community gain perspective on what is happening—and will happen—across the broad and varied spectrum that is the licensing business. Click here to subscribe and read the latest.

Books and Research Reports

Raugust Communications sells in-depth trend reports, how-to manuals, and research data on licensing topics. All are authored by Karen Raugust, a long-time reporter, researcher, and consultant on licensing. Her goal is to fill gaps in knowledge, not to recreate information that is already available elsewhere. Click here for more information.

Research and Consulting Services

RaugustReports To Go is a one-hour telephone consulting service that answers your specific questions about licensing—no more and no less—in one hour. Just contact us to discuss and set up a time, then send us a list (at least 24 hours prior to the call) of the questions you want answered. At $300, there is no more cost-effective and time-efficient way to move your licensing program forward.

Raugust Communications also offers more in-depth research and consulting services for projects that don’t fit the hourly format.

Speaking and Education

Karen Raugust is available for speaking engagements at corporate functions or industry events. Topics range from current licensing trends to introductory how-to sessions on licensing. Content is tailored to fit your needs. Contact us to discuss.

Custom Publishing and Reprints

Raugust Communications can put together custom publications from our existing content, adapted to the needs of the customer. Possibilities range from how-to materials for in-house training or new employees to themed publications given as gifts to clients, licensees, or staff. Contact us to discuss. In addition, feel free to contact us if you would like permission to use any of the data or trend coverage from our publications in your presentations.

About Karen Raugust

Karen Raugust writes RaugustReports, an online publication covering licensing trends, and is the founder of Raugust Communications and the author of the books and reports it publishes. She has been covering and consulting on the licensing business since 1990, when she joined The Licensing Letter as Executive Editor, serving in that position for six years. More recently, she was the long-time Special Projects Editor for TLL. In that role, she contributed articles to the publication and wrote books and research reports including The Licensing Business Handbook, International Licensing: A Status Report, The Licensing Letter Food and Beverage Licensing Report, The Global Market for Licensed Preschool Properties, and many more, as well as writing a twice-weekly blog, RaugustOnLicensing.

Karen also is the Licensing Correspondent and a Contributing Editor for Publishers Weekly, where she writes a licensing column and news and features about licensed publishing. She has covered licensing for other publications as well, including Animation Magazine, Animation World Network, American Artist, Street & Smith’s Sports Business Journal, U.S. Art, and Variety Jr., among others.

Karen has been quoted about licensing news and trends in publications ranging from The New York Times to The Wall Street Journal; has provided consulting for individuals and organizations ranging from theme parks and Hollywood studios to nonprofit groups and individual artists; and speaks at many industry and corporate events.