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In Control

Licensors in the fashion and luxury industries accomplish their brand-extension activities, especially in international territories, in a variety of ways, including through licensing agreements, joint ventures, or owned subsidiaries, or even sometimes from their central headquarters. While each company has a different strategy depending on the particulars of its own business, the industry as a […]

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Culture Clash

The NBA has been facing some significant challenges in the Chinese market since Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey dipped his toes into the political situation between Hong Kong and mainland China by tweeting support for the Hong Kong protesters. The situation serves as an example of the ramifications of being perceived as culturally or […]

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Protests and Politics

Pockets of the global licensing business are facing significant financial impacts due to political fights, trade spats, and social protests around the world. Unlike cases where companies take a stand on a political issue and prepare to face the expected backlash, these are situations that have nothing to do with any individual company’s actions. But […]

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