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Fortunes Look Good for Licensed Tarot Decks

Interest in both self-care and hobbies/pastimes spiked during the pandemic, and tarot cards—which reside in both worlds—were no exception. Some suppliers have reported sales that tripled during the peak lockdown days and, more significantly, have doubled in the five-year period since 2018. While licensing drives a very small portion of the market, the number of […]

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Counting Down the Days to Christmas

Advent calendars are getting more sophisticated each year, featuring increasingly elaborate packaging, daily surprises of higher value, and a growing range of themes and categories, from jerky, healing crystals, and nail polish to cat food, instant noodles, and wine. Licensors across property types have gotten into the game, typically either through in-house-produced examples or with […]

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Fun With Figures

A growing slice of the sports-licensing pie consists of part-toy/part-collectible figures depicting uniformed athletes from the pro leagues, along with pro and collegiate mascots. The products, made under license from the leagues and their players’ associations, are moderately priced and have play value, but also appeal to collectors young and old. Some of the key […]

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