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On Unicorn Foods and Other Social Media Trends

Over the past few years, licensors and licensees have been looking to social media, especially YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram, for product development ideas. For example, a licensor might note that fans are creating their own room décor featuring one of its characters, and seek licensees for craft kits, wall art, or other as-yet-unexploited products that […]

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Camo Colors New Categories

Recent deals serve as a reminder that camouflage brand licensing does not just encompass apparel and traditional outdoors products such as guns, camping equipment, tactical gear, truck seat covers, and the like. In fact, camo continues to grow as a design trend across a variety of categories, such as: Appliances. Magic Chef announced a deal […]

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Cute Fruit

Cute food-themed designs and characters are currently in fashion within the licensed products landscape, thanks to a number of driving forces: Collectible toys. Moose Toys’ Shopkins and MGA’s Num Noms have been showing strength in both in their core playthings and in their licensed brand extensions. Kid Robot’s plush-based Yummy World is another example. Emojis. […]

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