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Tiles With Style

For many years, global and local brands, particularly on the luxury end of the spectrum, have been releasing high-end mahjong sets as a means of generating sales and engagement among their customer base in greater China and parts of Southeast Asia. The category has seen its profile grow over the past couple of years, especially […]

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Counting Down the Days to Christmas

Advent calendars are getting more sophisticated each year, featuring increasingly elaborate packaging, daily surprises of higher value, and a growing range of themes and categories, from jerky, healing crystals, and nail polish to cat food, instant noodles, and wine. Licensors across property types have gotten into the game, typically either through in-house-produced examples or with […]

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Vision Quest

In these days of collaborations, limited editions, and other in-and-out programs, it is sometimes easy to forget that long-term, traditional licensing deals are still going strong, especially in certain sectors. A case-in-point: eyewear. Collaborations and limited programs exist in this category as well, of course. But properties such as fashion, lifestyle, and luxury brands, among […]

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