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Quality Time

While consumers are divided on many issues, one thing on which almost all can agree is that they expect their licensed products to have a level of quality commensurate with the price. Lately, several marketers have been dealing with fan blowback—magnified on social media—because their products or plans, at least according to some of their […]

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Life of Luxury

The marriage of luxury brands and K-pop stars continues, as global luxury labels strive to solidify their strength in the important Asian market, as well as take advantage of the stars’ worldwide popularity. For the most part, the relationships are pure brand ambassadorships, with the singers posting on social media to their vast followings, appearing […]

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Multitasking Is In Fashion

Fashion licensing has many singular qualities compared to sports, character, corporate trademark, art, and other segments of the business. One of the most unusual is the propensity for designers to maintain and license under their own names while simultaneously overseeing fashion labels tied to other designers. While the relationships tend to come and go, some […]

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