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Mooncakes Rising

Mooncakes are baked goods traditionally eaten during China’s Mid-Autumn Festival, which celebrates the moon and the fall harvest and is one of the most important Chinese festivals each year. Traditionally, mooncakes are round, two to four inches in diameter and up to two inches deep, with a filling commonly made of red bean or lotus […]

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Collaborators Journey to Japan

High-end fashion labels from Japan, typically streetwear-focused, have become among the most frequent partners for global lifestyle collaborations involving characters, celebrities, corporate trademarks, artists, and fashion and luxury labels. Some of the most active Japanese brands in this space include: A Bathing Ape/BAPE. Founded in 1993, this brand and its various sub-brands are prolific participants […]

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Getting a Kick Out of Fashion

Leading football clubs around the world, like other sports organizations, have been forging deals with design labels for fashion-forward apparel collections. Some of the examples in the second half of this year: Manchester United paired with True Religion for a line of premium denim for women and men, along with a future junior’s range, sold […]

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