Beauty Brands Rock Out

Male musicians are the latest group of celebrities getting into the beauty segment in a big way, namely with collections of bold color cosmetics and nail colors to allow consumers to replicate the look of their favorite performer, whether that be glam or Goth:

  • Ozzie Osbourne is the most recent musician to sign up with licensee Rock and Roll Beauty, releasing a 21-piece collection this month that includes dark shades of eyeshadow (including a palate in a coffin-shaped container), as well as temporary tattoos, dark metallic lipsticks, a mirror and a cosmetic bag. Other artists on Rock and Roll’s roster include Jimi Hendrix, whose 1960s-themed collection launched in April, and Def Leppard, whose 19-piece glam-themed collection debuted in July. All three are/were limited collections sold through
  • Harry Styles introduced his first makeup range in November 2021 under the Pleasing brand, with the fourth micro-collection coming out in September of this year. The first three drops skewed toward nail polish, while the latest centers on makeup. Created in collaboration with designer Marco Ribeiro, the new collection includes eight powder shades, which can be blended into almost any color combination, as well as three cream pigments, gloss medium, and nail polish.
  • Emo band My Chemical Romance’s latest makeup collaboration with HipDot debuted in July of this year, inspired by their album The Black Parade. The partnership first launched in December 2020, with a collection based on Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, followed by another a year later tied to Danger Days: The True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys. All the drops were limited editions with an option to pre-order, and have sold out quickly.
  • Rapper Machine Gun Kelly launched a gender-neutral nail polish collection called UN/DN LAQR last December. The line includes 10 shades sold singly, eight sets featuring three complementary shades each, and three kits containing six polish colors and two nail-art brushes. His partner in the venture is Unlisted Brand Labs.
  • In an early example, K-pop group BTS had offered a beauty line in their home country of South Korea for some time, with VT Cosmetics, before bringing their VT x BTS and VT BT21 lines to U.S. consumers in 2018. The VT x BTS range is described as “chic and sleek,” while the VT BT21 collections are based on characters created by the band members and fall into the cute category. Regular drops include products such as hand mirrors, cleansers, toners, masks, hand creams, cosmetic brushes, collagen packs, and lip colors.

This sampling is not comprehensive, but it gives an idea of the landscape. It should be noted that these color collections inspired by male musicians are just a subset of a broader range of male musicians getting into the wider skincare and beauty market, which in turn represent a subset of male celebrities of all types getting into this sector, which are themselves a subset of celebrities overall who are active in the vast and still-growing celebrity beauty business, in all its facets. There seems to be no end in sight as more musicians, actors, influencers, and other personalities continue to enter this increasingly crowded market segment.

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