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All-In On Acquisition

For some time, the companies that have been best able to navigate a challenging licensing landscape have tended to be either large, resource-rich entities or small independents. The former can control their supply chain and take advantage of synergies across industries, while the latter are able to offer unique, niche-oriented products and are agile enough […]

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Getting Off To A Slow Start

New ventures involving the growing e-sports industry are announced on a daily basis. E-sports stadiums are being built, such as the world’s largest to date in Arlington, Texas, opening this month. Musicians and other celebrities such as Drake, Imagine Dragons, and Michael Jordan are investing in teams and leagues. Sports leagues, governing bodies, teams, colleges, […]

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Korean Cachet

Celebrities, designers, and other properties from Korea are increasingly influential in U.S. pop culture, and several are making their mark in consumer products as well: K-pop. Last month, Hot Topic announced it would carry a collection of t-shirts for BTS’s Wings Tour, the latest addition to its roster of K-pop merchandise. In addition to BTS, […]

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