Exploring The Unknown

Celebrity adventurers have recently been looking to extend their brand equities—built on qualities such as curiosity and exploration, survival, overcoming challenges, protecting the environment, toughness, and never giving up—by entering the world of merchandise:

  • Ed Stafford retained Brandgenuity as his licensing agent in October 2018, with plans for survival gear, outdoor apparel, knives and multipurpose tools, outdoor technology, and apps. Stafford has also written two books, with a third in the works.
  • Beanstalk took on licensing representation duties for Bear Grylls in 2016. Grylls’ most recent product announcements include insect-powder health bars with Tobar and sunglasses with Revo; he also has a line of power banks, action cameras, eyewear, and tech accessories with Lyte Limited and is working with IMG on a series of experiential survival challenges.
  • David de Rothschild launched a proprietary lifestyle brand, The Lost Explorer, in 2015, with a focus on apparel, accessories, wellness products, and alcohol. Sustainability is a key brand attribute, with organic and natural ingredients, small-batch, non-environment-harming production techniques, and supply chain transparency at the forefront. Separately, de Rothschild has an endorsement deal with Moncler.

This is a small niche in terms of the number of adventurers currently available for licensing, although a surprising number of people claim this as their job title, meaning more may enter the fray in the future. Considering a tie-in with this segment would make sense for marketers that have products or services with a rough-and-tough, long-lasting, or outdoorsy brand image.

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