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Musicians Chime In with PPE

Like property owners from across the spectrum of licensing, many musicians have lent their names or other IP to COVID-related merchandise. In some cases, their products have involved creative twists on their music or look. Key categories include: Hand sanitizer. Wu Tang Clan introduced “Protect Ya Hands” hand sanitizer—a riff on their song “Protect Ya […]

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Good Grooming

A handful of licensors in the past three months have announced deals for a single functional grooming product or targeted collection. The somewhat unexpected pairings, involving properties ranging from designers to celebrities to gaming brands, have generated significant media coverage and social media discussion, some of it tongue-in-cheek and much of it positive: In June, […]

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Album Appreciation

It has become the norm over the past decade for musicians to put forth merchandise collections tied to specific albums, tours, and songs, not just for concert tour merchandising at the venue but for sale through retail channels as well. These ventures have proliferated over the years and can take a number of forms, many […]

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