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Women undergoing menopause represent one consumer group that has historically been ignored, and the subject seen as taboo. But marketers’ perspective has been changing of late. One indication: Three celebrities have recently announced collaborations and other initiatives specifically focused on this group:

  • This month, actress Naomi Watts announced two deals. First, she is launching a beauty and wellness line called Stripes, with Amyris. The range, with 11 SKUs to start, encompasses cooling face mist, scalp thickeners, probiotic supplements, vaginal creams, and more, containing the organic compounds ectoine and squalene. Second, Watts paired with the greeting card company Em & Friends for The Naomi Watts Menopause Collection of four humorous greeting cards.
  • In May of this year, recently retired tennis star Serena Williams invested in WILE, a vegan brand of supplements, functional beverages, and tinctures formulated for women undergoing menopause. The assortment launched at Whole Foods with nine products that address conditions such as hot flashes, mood swings, and dry skin. Williams is the latest of several celebrities who have financial positions in WILE, and it is her latest investment in a vegan brand. Her name is not associated with the product line at this point.
  • Stacy London, stylist and former co-host of TLC’s What Not To Wear, founded State of Menopause, a brand focused on offering skin care and other products, from CBD oil to cooling kits, that relieve common menopause symptoms. It also offers education and community to help women better understand and manage this phase of life. More products are planned, including collaborations.

The market size is not insignificant. An estimated 25 million women globally each year are dealing with symptoms of menopause—2.2 million in the U.S.—and Grand View Research predicts that the market will reach $23 billion by 2028. When the view expands to include post-menopausal women, investment firm Female Founders Fund forecasts the population to be 1.1 billion by 2025, generating $600 billion a year in spending.

That is why, in addition to celebrity-driven collaborations and other initiatives such as those mentioned here, retailers are strengthening their position in this sector. Drugstore chain Boots’ No7 brand launched a menopause skincare range in August of this year, while this month Primark introduced a 14-piece collection of nightwear, underwear, and base layers under its Primark Cares label, boasting cooling yarns, odor and temperature control, moisture-wicking, and other features for this market.

This is a big group of consumers, largely ignored, consisting of shoppers with well-defined needs across a range of categories. More collaborations will likely come to light in this space in the near future.

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