Male Celebrities Prioritize Skin Care

The men’s and gender-neutral sectors of the beauty industry have both been growing fast over the past decade, especially since 2019, with the expansion expected to continue and even intensify in the foreseeable future. In addition, since at least 2020, the industry has been focused on increasing diversity and inclusion in both product offerings and the people behind the brands.

Male celebrities of color—beyond the makeup artist–influencers who have been in this space for some time—have taken notice. A handful of male actors, musicians, and athletes have entered the market in the past year, offering inclusive lines of skin care that are either gender-neutral or developed specifically for men. Some notable examples:

  • Last month, actor Idris Elba and his wife, model Sabrina Elba, announced a gender-neutral and inclusive skin care line through their new company S’Able Labs. The products have a wellness and self-care focus, for example addressing conditions such as inflammation and hyperpigmentation.
  • Singer John Legend said in January 2022 that he was partnering with A-Frame for an affordable, gender-neutral line for “melanin-rich” skin. The products, set to launch in the fall, would address concerns that particularly impact people of color, such as high levels of dryness and pH imbalances. Legend is a part owner of the brand and will be active in marketing. A-Frame also produces signature beauty lines for actress Gabrielle Union and tennis player Naomi Osaka.
  • Former pro baseball player Alex Rodriguez announced last May that he was launching a skin care line with the Hims brand, in which Rodriguez is an investor. The initial range consisted of concealer in eight different shades, packaged in Chapstick-like tubes. Men are increasingly purchasing items such as concealer and foundation, in addition to washes, lotions, and serums for the skin.

Other male celebrities have been getting into the gender-neutral beauty category of late as well. In November, singer Harry Styles launched a clean, vegan, and gender-neutral line of nail polish, eye and lip products, and facial serum/makeup primer under the Pleasing brand. And rapper Machine Gun Kelly launched a line of nail polish and nail accessories under the UN/DN brand last April, in collaboration with Unlisted Brand Lab.

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