CBD In Style

The fashion world is the latest sector of the licensing business to start embracing CBD, with a focus on the health and beauty category. Among the collaborations announced during the second half of 2019:

  • American Eagle worked with Green Growth Brands to launch a proprietary CBD skin-care collection called Mood. The gender-neutral self-care range features 45 items including aromatherapy oil; bath soak; washes and creams for body, face, and hands; lip balm and salve; pillow mist; and sugar scrub. In addition to containing CBD, each has a fragrance tied to one of five different moods, dubbed Chill, Energized, Focused, Refreshed, and Zzz. All products are priced at $20 or less.
  • Alice + Olivia partnered with luxury brand Kush Queen for a collection of three products—a bath bomb, body lotion, and bubble bath—containing CBD and lavender. The combination is meant to promote relaxation. The bath bomb, one of Kush Queen’s signature products, also contains the fragrant grass vetiver to address circulation and nerve issues and sandalwood for mental clarity. The CBD’s role is to counteract inflammation and help reduce anxiety, fatigue, and pain.
  • Tamara Mellon, a luxury footwear label, collaborated with Lord Jones, a CBD body lotion brand that has gained popularity among celebrities who use it to alleviate foot pain. The partners’ limited-edition High CBD Formula Stiletto Cream was devised specifically to reduce soreness caused by high heels.
  • Apex Brands (formerly Cherokee Global Brands) paired with cannabis company Stem Holdings. The deal calls for Stem Holdings’ medical division to launch medical CBD products for three Apex subsidiaries: lifestyle label Everyday California; outdoors brand Hi-Tec; and military, workwear, and service industry footwear company Magnum. Products, which are set to debut in early 2020, will vary by brand.

Opportunities for CBD-related fashion collaborations may ultimately extend beyond the health and beauty space and into the apparel category itself. One specialist start-up, Acabada, launched a line of CBD-infused athleisure apparel in August. The sports bras, tops, and leggings, which cost $120 and up and are good for 40 uses before the CBD loses its effectiveness, are purported to soothe muscle pain and promote healing while being worn.

Not surprisingly, CBD is one of the 19 trends that had an impact on the licensing business in 2019, according to Raugust Communications’ annual wrap-up of the past 12 months. You can read it here.

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