Beautiful Inside and Out

The beauty industry has been increasingly fostering a connection between consumers’ health and wellness and their outward appearance. As one component of that trend, more cosmetics, skincare, nailcare, and haircare marketers are adding ingestible supplements with specific formulations as part of their traditional lines of creams, powders, eye and lip color, and other items for external use.

Celebrities are jumping into this trend as well, launching supplement lines to support both inner health and outer beauty, either separately or as companions to traditional beauty products:

  • Kate Hudson, actress and founder of activewear brand Fabletics, launched a supplement brand called InBloom. Noting that she has long wanted to launch a beauty line, after endorsing cosmetics and skincare brands in the past, she told People that it made sense to her to approach beauty as “an inside-out experience.” The first plant-based powders to be released are dubbed Beauty Aura, Brain Flow, Dream Sleep, Energy Shift, and Essential Elements. Because Hudson does not like to take pills, all the products will either be a powder or liquid.
  • Supermodel Petra Němcová paired with a former Revlon executive and a finance professional to found Ace of Air, an eco-friendly DTC beauty brand. The initial offerings include four supplements, as well as two serums and two moisturizers. Consumers save the box in which their products are delivered and use it to return the empty containers to the company. All products feature wild-harvested, fair-trade, and vegan ingredients and exclude additives such as formaldehyde and sulfates as well as allergens.
  • Jennifer Lopez’ new skincare label, JLo Beauty, includes a dietary supplement formulated for healthy skin, alongside a range of creams, serums, masks, and moisturizers and a bronzer/highlighter. The brand is marketed by Ascendant Beauty (a joint venture between Lopez and Guthy-Renker) and is available on the JLo Beauty site.
  • Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel’s Skinnygirl brand, which focuses mostly on low-calorie foods and beverages, partnered with VirMax on a line of Skinnygirl Supplements by VirMax. The focus is on providing solutions for both beauty and health challenges. The initial range of four products, sold through Walgreens, includes a formulation with biotin, for improved hair, skin, and nails, and one with collagen, to reduce wrinkles and promote firmer skin. There is also a supplement to support sleep and another for intimacy.
  • Kay Ali, a London-based hormone nutritionist and nutritional therapist who is often quoted in beauty publications, teamed with Beauty Pie, a luxury DTC subscription service specializing in makeup and skincare. The partners developed a Beauty Pie supplement line consisting of a multivitamin, Vitamin D, probiotic, and omega 3 oil capsules, as well as a collagen powder. In discussing the launch, the company emphasized that feeling good is as important as looking good. Each product is formulated for a specific purpose, including beautiful skin and hair as well as mood, hormone management, stress, and menstruation. Beauty Pie launched the first items in the UK in November.

Other recent celebrity supplement deals are more traditional in that they focus on health and fitness, without a stated link to beauty. Dancer, choreographer, actress, and founder of KINRGY Expanded Fitness Julianne Hough collaborated with Thorne on a bundle of three supplements meant to promote energy, creativity, recovery, and self-care and complement her KINRGY classes. And Jay Glazer, sports reporter, TV personality, and owner of Unbreakable gyms, paired with GNC for a line of supplements under the Unbreakable Performance Fueled by GNC brand. The line, for athletes, is free of banned substances, and focuses on strength-promoting formulations heavy on aminos and protein. Some of the proceeds go to veterans through Glazer’s MVP Foundation.

Previous celebrities lending their names to supplements have ranged from Martha Stewart to Mark Wahlberg to Flo-Rida.

Of course there has always been a connection between health, fitness, and beauty; looking better is a side benefit of taking care of one’s body. The celebrity ventures in the list above foster and promote that link outright, making the case that what you consume is as much a part of a beauty regimen as what you put on.

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