DIY Beer-Brewing

At the end of May, Whirlpool’s W Labs division introduced a home beer fermentor and dispenser system through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The same day, SodaStream announced the launch of its Beer Bar, which allows users to create beer at home from sparkling water and a beer concentrate. These initiatives follow the debut of the PicoBrew, a pod-based system for do-it-yourself brewing of craft beer, in October 2015.

While no licensing deals have come to light in these very early days of personal beer brewing, it stands to reason that there would be opportunities for not only beer and cooking-related brands but also properties with flavors that lend themselves to beer.

After all, precursors in personalized, make-at-home beverages, such as SodaStream’s flavored seltzer system and Keurig’s personalized coffee makers, have attracted numerous licenses to add variety to the array of beverage and soup options they offer. Properties ranging from SkinnyGirl to Sunny D have lent their names to the former, for example, while IPs from Cake Boss to Kahlua have paired with the latter.

Some licensors may eventually authorize their names for branded personal beer-brewing appliances as well, although the recent discontinuation of the Keurig Kold beverage maker (which just debuted last September) shows the potential risks of associating a brand with a yet-to-be-established appliance category.

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