Asian Designers Shine in New Year Collabs

Each year, more marketers—of various sizes, working across categories and geographic regions—have been celebrating the Lunar New Year with collaborations involving designers, artists, influencers, and other creatives based or born in China or other Asian countries. This year is no exception. Among the many examples for the 2023 Year of the Rabbit, which began yesterday, include:

  • Yoox’s collaboration with Hong Kong electronic musician Merry Lamb Lamb for a range of products made from upcycled pieces from the 8 by Yoox private label. Described as both rebellious and innocent, the collection includes a knitted hat with bunny ears, traditional and loose-cut t-shirts, and denim jackets and jeans.
  • Ikea’s extensive Lunar New Year collection of home goods, from décor and tableware to bed linens, lamp shades, and storage boxes. It includes pieces created by Ikea designers Zhelin Lian and Willy Chong, both of whom are Chinese, along with British artist and long-time Ikea collaborator Jennifer Idriza.
  • Adidas’ Lunar New Year sneaker series, a collaboration with contemporary artist Han Meilin. One of the styles that is part of the collection is white fur, accented in red, with a red Adidas logo. The artist has collaborated with many other companies as well, from Lalique to BE@RBRICK.
  • Missoma’s 31-piece collection of jewelry with Chinese influencer Savi (Savislook), who also appears in the advertising campaign for the range. Styles include chain bracelets, pendants, small hoop earrings, gemstone beaded necklaces, and rings. The pieces feature gold plating and semiprecious carnelian and black onyx stones.
  • Mattel’s collector Barbie with Chinese couturier Guo Pei. Like many of the designer’s styles, the doll’s blue, dragon-themed dress is inspired by the clothing worn in the court of the Qing Dynasty. The limited edition is available online globally.
  • Moleskin’s Lunar New Year notebooks with Chinese streetwear designer Angel Chen, known for her East-Meets-West style, and Korean fashion designer Min Ju Kim. The notebooks are available singly or in an Asian Collection 2023 box set, which also includes a cherry blossom-themed notebook by Japanese art director and fashion designer Kosuke Tsumura.
  • Bonia’s collection of apparel with a vermilion bunny-patterned fabric designed by Malaysian artist Lisa Wong Sook Kuan, known for her ink drawings. The assortment includes a silk dress inspired by the cheongsam (the national dress of China) and a satin loungewear set.
  • Kiehl’s limited Lunar New Year collection with packaging designed by Shanghai-born, London-based illustrator Shan Liang. The assortment includes key Kiehl’s products, ranging from Ultra Facial Cream, to Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask, to Calendula Toner, all featuring the special red new year look.

In addition to pairings with Asian designers, global brands, especially in the luxury fashion space, have been marking the Lunar New Year in 2023 by integrating imagery tied to rabbit characters made famous in films, television, and books over the years. Like the examples listed here, some are aimed primarily at the Asian market, while others are global in nature. You can read all about that in our previous post.

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