Compound Interest

Two of the top-of-mind trends in the toy industry over the past two years have been mini collectible figures, especially in blind boxes, and compounds in the form of slime, sand, dirt, and ooze. More recently, those two trends have come together, as low-priced, collectible minis are not just packed in blind boxes but encased in a compound that the purchaser has to sift through to find the toy.

For example:

  • Moose Toys’ Treasure X features a collectible toy hidden in a box of “dirt.” Kids must dig through to discover which treasure they will be able to add to their collection. Moose has launched a licensing program for the brand, handled by The Licensing Shop in North America and its regular network of agencies in other territories.
  • Alpha Group’s licensed SpongeBob Slimeez are mystery figures inspired by Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants TV series, packed within a container of the network’s famous green slime. This marks the first time the two Nick brands have come together.
  • Hasbro’s Lost Kitties allows kids to hunt through a Play-Doh-like compound representing milk or cheese to find collectible kitties or mice that are organized into squads. Lost Kitties has been licensed to Studio Fun for a range of books.
  • MGA Entertainment’s Poopsie Slime Surprise, an extension of its Poopsie Surprise Unicorn, involves collectible figures encased in sparkly and scented “unicorn poop.” Each character group not only boasts a variety of figures but also comes with a range of different colors and scents of slime.
  • Phatmojo’s ink slime jars tied to the Bendy and the Ink Machine license include a hidden figure from the interactive puzzle-horror-action game. Bendy’s licensing activities are overseen by TheMeatly Games.

These toy lines, and others that are similar, combine two of the most popular current trends in the hopes of magnifying the playthings’ desirability. Putting the two toy types together also adds another layer to the ever-popular unboxing experience, and doubles the play value, since each component is enjoyable in its own right.

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