Research and Consulting

Research and Consulting Services

Raugust Communications provides custom research and consulting services on licensing topics. Clients include property owners; manufacturers, service providers, and other licensees; licensing agencies; retailers; broadcasters; and allied businesses.

What kinds of research and consulting do we provide?

While each project varies, most fall into one or more of the following five categories:

  1. Competitive analysis, including sales and growth estimates, historical data, and recent deals.
  2. Category analysis, including key players, market size, recent activity, and growth estimates.
  3. Property evaluations, including potential future sales based on likely strategies, competition, and market conditions.
  4. Trend analysis, both general and related to specific property types, product categories, retail tiers, and geographic regions.
  5. Property brainstorming, including providing blue-sky ideas that might not have been previously considered.

How do we do our research?

Research methodology and data, depending on the nature of the project, can include literature reviews of trade publications, regional newspapers, and other sources; corporate information such as financial releases, press releases, and marketing materials; shelf studies of relevant retail chains and etailers; one-on-one interviews and surveys; third-party category and other research data; and information from Raugust Communications’ proprietary databases of research and trend insights culled over many years in licensing.

What do we charge and how do we get started?

Payment is most often based on a flat fee per project basis, with the price depending on the scope of the project.

Note: These services are in addition to our RaugustReports To Go program, which offers 60 minutes of telephone consulting to provide answers to specific questions. This option is $300 and is often perfect for those new to licensing or for veterans with a well-defined set of questions about a new area of business. Detailed research and consulting projects such as those outlined above will usually not qualify for RaugustReports To Go.

Contact us to discuss your licensing-related research and consulting needs.