RaugustReports To Go

RaugustReports To Go

RaugustReports To Go is a one-hour telephone consulting service that answers your specific questions about licensing—no more and no less—in one hour. At $300, there is no more cost-effective or time-efficient way to move your licensing program forward.

Read on for more details, and contact us to discuss or set up a time.

How RaugustReports To Go works:

  • Contact us to briefly discuss whether this is the right format for your needs.
  • Prepay a $300 flat fee via Paypal, credit card, bank transfer, or check.
  • Set up a mutually convenient time for a one-hour phone call.
  • Email us a list of your specific questions, 24 hours prior to the call. This not only helps us assemble any information that may be needed, but more importantly helps you thoroughly assess your needs and get the most from the session.
  • Get all your questions answered via telephone in about an hour.
  • Receive follow-up information (if any) within 24 hours of the call.

How RaugustReports To Go can be used:

Licensees, licensing agents, licensors, and service providers—ranging from the smallest artist or entrepreneur to Fortune 500 corporations—can benefit from RaugustReports To Go.

Here is a sampling of the wide variety of applications that typically fit the RaugustReports To Go format:

  • Recommendations for next steps when your licensing program is stuck in neutral.
  • General discussion of questions or challenges you have encountered in your inbound or outbound licensing program.
  • Education on licensing basics, such as the nuances of payment structures, given your situation.
  • Assistance for new licensors, such as: how to prepare to launch a licensing program, how to evaluate licensees and categories, or what materials are needed to sell a property to licensees.
  • Discussion of potential business opportunities for new or established licensees, including: weighing the pros and cons of different property types, setting priorities, or considering your objectives for licensing.

RaugustReports To Go case studies

These examples illustrate how some of our clients have used RaugustReports To Go:

  • A British licensor needed some insights on the U.S. landscape before entering the market for the first time.
  • An owner of a nostalgic lifestyle brand wanted a checklist of criteria to think about when selecting a licensing agent.
  • A licensee wanted to talk through some potential property types that would be a fit for licensing.
  • An artist who had been approached by an unfamiliar licensee wanted to discuss the thought process to go through before making a decision to sign or reject.
  • A manufacturer of higher-end gift items wanted to extend its brand and designs through licensing and needed to discuss first steps, with a particular eye on avoiding cannibalization with the core products.
  • A licensing agent was approached by a client that it liked but felt was not quite ready to make a commitment to licensing. The agent referred the prospective client for a discussion of expectations, responsibilities, and what to do to become more licensing-ready.

These are just a few of the possibilities. Contact us for more information and see if RaugustReports To Go is right for you.